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Took a quick walk up Craigmore on Sunday.  As we crested the little summit mound Ben Lomond crept into view.  It looked like someone had dipped it into emulsion.


A hail shower quickly blew in from the west as we made to descend – gicing the sky some drama.


The larch in the wood on the side of Limecraig are still holding their needles giving a nice contrast in the blue green of the Spruce and Douglas.

autumn_walk-7Had to run back down the hill to avoid the rain.


Looked up at the Beech in the garden just as we got out the car and thought it was worth capturing.  This was shot on the tripod (camera was still attached) and is close to a 10sec exposure  as it was getting dark – I quite like the motion blurred leaves in the foreground…


Woot Woot!

well, getting to grips with the D300s body a little now- been playing with the predictive focus track.  Seems to work really well so long as there is good contrast (either light or colour) between the subject and the background…

This was shot with the 70-300 and after shooting (in what was pretty low light) wide open and struggling with camera shake, I realised that I had VR turned off.  Doh.  Sometimes it would be good if there was a ‘dope slap’ setting.

Oh, and on a different note, I’ve recently switched from Photoshop to Lightroom to manage and process my stills.  I must admit that I was sceptical thinking it looked like a rip-off version of aperture and it is, but its great!

No more ploughing through Adobe camera raw for every shot before editing, no more painfully slow processing as Photoshop generates 2Gb Cache files.  Maybe I’ll write a little review in the next post.